Four groups are working to share ICHRP knowledge and services with families, the African American community, paraprofessionals, and primary care providers.

Ramsey County & Hennepin Counties

Pregnant African American Women and their families can receive help in Ramsey County by contacting the D.I.V.A. Moms Program  (Dynamic Involved Valued African American Moms) at Minnesota Community Care or Nubian Moms at Open Cities Health Center. In Hennepin County, pregnant African American Women and their families can be assisted by the Iya Empowerment Circle at NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, Inc.. The program, for U.S. born African Americans, provides access to a culturally-focused personal care navigator and community resources to help guide families through the health care system during pregnancy. Family programs host performing arts, speakers, documentaries, and other activities to prepare families for healthy pregnancies and births.  The African American Babies Coalition & Projects provides program publicity and partnership connections for ICHRP.

Interested moms and prospective partners can contact:

Ramsey County Perinatal Care Collaborative

Ramsey County - D.I.V.A. Moms Minnesota Community Care
Kindra McGee, CMA, D.I.V.A. Patient Care Navigator

Call or Text: 651-202-1116

Diane Banigo, CNM, Project Manager 
Call: 651-793-2272 (office) 

Sonja Batalden, APRN, CNM, Perinatal Director
Call: 651-602-7565

Ramsey County – Nubian Moms, Open Cities Health Care
Isha Mohamed, Community health outreach worker/Mnsure Navigator
Call: 651-251-5987
Call or Text: 651-703-0101
Ciana Cullens, Strategic Leadership Campaign Director
Call: 651-290-9200

Summer Johnson, Chief of Strategic Development
Call: 651-251-5982
Call or Text: 435-764-4010

Hennepin County

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, Inc.

Tee McClenty, CPPM, Project Manager
Call: 612-767-9155
Call or Text: 651-263-0562 

Kimberly A. Spates, Chief Operations Officer 

Ramsey or Hennepin Counties – ICHRP-wide Publicity and Partnerships -- African American Babies Coalition and Projects

Service providers, paraprofessionals and others in either Ramsey or Hennepin Counties that are interested in culturally-focused ways of working with pregnant African American women and their families can contact:

African American Babies Coalition and Projects
Wilder Center For Communities
Sameerah Bilal-Roby, Project Manager